Business Studies

After reading the provided case study, Van Marrewijk (2004) and the Fanning (2000) article giving the instructions for analyzing a case study, please submit an analysis of the case study. Please analyze the case study as follows please include headings in your analysis:
1. Identify the business problems
2. Rank-order the critical issues
3. Propose various solutions
4. Submit recommendations of how you will implement the solutions
5. Identify how you will communicate the solutions


Fanning, E. D. (2000). Analyzing a case study. Retrieved from the Arthur W. Page Society Web site:

Van Marrewijk, A. (2004). The management of strategic alliances: cultural resistance. Comparing the cases of a Dutch telecom operator in the Netherlands Antilles and Indonesia. Culture & Organization, 10(4), 303-314. doi:10.1080/1475955042000313740

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