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You are an account manager at a company that purchases media ads for  clients. Your job requires you to purchase ad time months in advance, in order to gain a price advantage in the local market for your clients.One of your major clients is Fleet wood Sport, a regional chain that sells a wide variety of sporting goods. Fleetwood’s products include team sports equipment, camping and fishing gear, golf and tennis  equipment, and active apparel. In December, you bought advance local ad spots scheduled for May and  June on a popular radio station. When you bought the ads, the radio  station told you that the time slot for those ads would feature a new  radio host who would be starting early in the new year. You had your doubts about the new host, who had been known as “controversial” in his previous job in another city, but the client had insisted that the host was “terrific” and would likely get higher ratings. After much thought,you bought the ads. The plan was to use the time slot to launch a new  spring campaign for Fleetwood’s outdoor equipment collection, including  high-tech camping, biking, and rock climbing gear. Now it is April, and the client is eager to hear about the ratings of  the new radio host. You have just seen the latest ratings and are distressed to find that in almost every category the audiences for your  ad’s time slot are well below your expectations. The exception is the  over-50 demographic, where ratings are significantly higher than you expected. Your ads have not aired yet, but you know that Fleetwood is expecting better overall ratings than those earned in April by this timeslot. Task: Compose a message informing the client of the poor ratings and recommend a course of action.

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