Business Studies -Writer’s choice

complete all four reviews as a single attachment/report.
The articles are as follows:
Hastings, Donald F. “Lincoln Electric’sHarsh Lessons from International Expansion” Harvard Business Review, May-June, 1999, pp 168-178.

Pfeffer, Jeffrey. Producing sustainable competitive advantage through the effective management of people; The Academy of Management Executive; Feb 1995.

Porter. M.E. 2008, Why America needs is an economic strategy.

Stamps, David. The self-organizing system;Training; Apr 1997.

The format and style can be found in the numerous examples available in the Documents folder. The basic format is relatively simple. Initially the citation of the article to be reviewed is followed by a detailed section on the overview of the article, its main points, and issues discussed.

The next section,  pick at least three aspects (content, not procedural) of the article you liked and why.  use quotes in your answers, as long as they are not too numerous and lengthy.

The next section is a detailed discussion of a dislike (content, not procedural) of the article and why.

Last, include an easy essay question that you think that anyone who has read this article should be able to answer.


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