Case paper- Narrative Essay Number of sources: 3

Module 2 – SLP

Narrative and Descriptive Writing

Descriptive Essay

For this Session Long Project assignment I want you to go to a place like a mall or park and sit down and watch people for thirty minutes.  Take notes on what your senses tell you.  What do you hear, see, or smell, for example?  Choose something that you saw during your observation and write a two-page description of the moment in time.  Maybe you saw something in the first five-minutes of your observation or maybe it was the last five-minutes.  Then before you start on the assignment below reflect on your observations.

Assignment: Write a two page, double spaced, descriptive essay using language that helps your audience experience what you experienced.  Be detailed and descriptive. Remember to show not tell.


  • Write a two-page, double spaced descriptive essay
  • An introduction and conclusion
  • Use of descriptive language that helps your audience experience what you observed
  • Think creatively


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