1. Choose a country to observe the dominant culture. You will observing the dominant culture for that country. The country CANNOT be in North America.
2. Find videos to observe aspects of the culture. You must watch a documentary (long or short), an interview with someone currently from that culture (if you know someone, you may conduct the interview as long as you send me the recording), and an insightful film, newsreel, or other type of video that focuses on one specific aspect of the culture. Watch all the videos and make observational notes from that culture.
3. Answer all of the following questions. Most, if not all, should be answered from your observations. If you need to do additional research, you may.
4. This is due by Tuesday, July 18 at 11:59PM
5. Attach your observational notes from each video to the end of this worksheet. You may take a photo of hand written notes and send me the photo. OR you can send as typed up notes. Please make sure that it is clear which notes were taken for each video.
6. In-text citations MUST be provided in EVERY answer

1. Which culture did you choose and why? (Answer should be one sentence long)
2. Which videos did you watch to make your observations? Please include a 2-3 sentence summary of each video you watched. If they are online videos please include the links. The links needs to be cited in APA format. (Your answer should include all citations + 2-3 sentence description PER citation)
3. Describe the assumptions you had about the culture before you began your observations? Assumptions may include, but are not limited to: clothing, landscape, mannerisms, food, drinks, drugs, traditions, hobbies, sense of family, sense of self and etc… (answer should be one paragraph)
4. Describe the culture’s political system and the people’s relationship to the political system.who is the leader? how is the leader chosen? how are policies passed? how are policies written? how long has the country had this type of political system? is the political system successful? how involved are everyday citizens in the political process? does the government allow political speech, action, involvement? how much does the government allow?…All of the preceding questions should be answered.
Need to provide in-text citation
5. Describe the varying roles and expectation of members in the group.
For example: gender roles/expectations, family roles/expectations, societal roles/expectations and etc… You only need to mention two different roles and two different expectations; to be clear, this means there are a total of 4 described at minimum. Answers must be descriptive. In-text citations
6. Name 2-3 traditions and/or cultural practices you found interesting.
This section can include: holidays, manners, rites of passage, and etc.
7. Describe 2-3 food dishes that are unique to that culture. Make sure you explain how the food is prepared and how it is consumed and why it is unique to that culture. In-text citations
Example 1, rice is not unique to any culture; however, stick mango rice is unique to Thai culture.
8. What language do they speak? Do they have a national language? (Answer should be one sentence in length)Need to provide in-text citation
9.How do they communicate? You should discuss 2-4 verbal and nonverbal codes from the culture; to be clear, this means a minimum of 4 total is described. You can get a list of verbal and nonverbal codes from the textbook. Be descriptive, not lazy. Please be descriptive. In-text citation
10. Explain one taxonomy component that applies to the cultural group. Again be descriptive, not lazy. Please state clearly whether they are high, mid, or low within the component that you chose. Provide a specific, descriptive example to help support your claim.(Answer should be a minimum of one paragraph)
11. Please attach all the notes you made for the 3+ videos you watched. Please make sure you have your notes titled for each section.

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