Computer science

Why do you think TCP/IP is so prevalent in networks today? What is the significance of an IP address on a TCP/IP network? If you were designing a network today, what communication media would you utilize and why?

2. Please respond to the following:
A new feature of Windows Server 2008 is the Read-Only Domain Controller (RODC). Provide an example of how this feature impacts security in a mid-size organization.
3. "AD DS" Please respond to the following
From the , and reading the information located at the “Know Issues for Installing and Removing AD DS” link, explore the known issues for installing and removing AD DS. Choose one of these issues and discuss why this issue could occur and how. Make any necessary assumptions and propose a solution.
4. Diffusion Models Please respond to the following:
Review the IT diffusion models, select two models, then compare and contrast how these models would facilitate a company in the country and business sector of your choice. Be sure to state your business sector. Then, explain how the IT diffusion models may affect it.
Describe the process of how a non-IT senior manager would arrive at the decision to support one IT diffusion model over another. List the factors that would have to be considered. Determine which model you would choose and explain why.
5. Strategic Alignment" Please respond to the following:
Evaluate the approaches by company executives to align an organization for future growth and success. Give your opinion on the credibility of each approach.
Discuss additional approaches not mentioned in the textbook that may be warranted in aligning an organization for future growth and success. Explain your response.

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