Economic Political Science

Blame for the financial crisis has been concentrated among three groups. Some blame the government’s inability or unwillingness to regulate the financial market for the crisis. Others blame Wall Street investors for their inability to self regulate. They say the crisis was a result of an excess of Wall Street greed. Still others blame the American homeowners who were too ignorant to research the type of mortgages they were signing and for being generally incompetent with their finances. Identifying who is to the most to blame for the financial crisis is the first step in tailoring a long-term solution for economic stability and growth.
In a well-written essay, identify which of these three groups holds the most responsibility for the financial crisis. Second, compare and explain why your chosen group is more responsible for the crisis than the other two groups. Third, considering this most culpable group, draft an appropriate and plausible (no revolutions, please) plan of action for long term 1. Economic stability and 2. Economic growth.

Financial crisis is about the recent economic crisis.
when writer chooses a side to support (one of the three given in prompt)
must support with ideologies such as neoliberalism or socialism.
writer must choose if government should regulate or deregulate
Paper must include at least one source per paragraph or topic sentence.
sources can come from outside of course, but majority of them must be from assigned course reading which I have in pdf files

The course is Political Science class but mainly deals with current economic crisis and its role of the Government

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