Topic: Student debt.

Assignment:  Summary on College Debt




The average debt for graduating seniors this year, not including credit card debt or personal loans, is over $26,000.  Tuition is rising faster than inflation and jobs are not easy to find for those with little experience, or a less-than-marketable major.  Some question the value of a college education, given the high price and poor prospects.



  1. 1.                  Please read the article.

Click link to open resource.

  1. 2.                  Respond to the article
  2. 3.                  Summarize the major points.
  3. 4.                  Analyze the information carefully.
  4. 5.                  Make a connection using personal experience, further reading, or reliable statistics
  5. 6.                  Most importantly, offer an assessment of your reading and some ideas for what you think should be done about student debt in the United States.



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