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write an essay that answers the following questions:

1. Do you think that Stuart and Brenda should allow UniTours to revise its proposal for the travel study course? Explain your answer.
2. Is it ethical to allow UniTours to revise its proposal after the deadline for submitting the proposals passed? Explain your answer.
3. Identify three stakeholders who will be affected by the decision that Stuart and Brenda make, and explain how each of those stakeholders will be affected.

Expository Essays

The type of essay you will be writing is often referred to as an expository essay. One of the key elements of expository essays is conciseness. This essay is limited to one page in length. I will stop reading after one page, so only include what really needs to be said. Do not attempt to circumvent this requirement by using narrow margins, small fonts, etc. One-inch margins are required, and a standard font (such as Times New Roman 12) must be used. Make sure your line spacing is single-space with no additional spacing between lines. Skip a line between paragraphs.

Purdue Owl provides a good resource for writing these essays. Their section on expository essays ( explains some of the important parts of this type of essay. I also recommend looking over the sections on “Conciseness” on the left side of the page. These can help if you find yourself having difficulty keeping your essay to one page.

Another excellent resource is the Saunders Writing Center in 323 Plant Hall. You can get more information about the center, including its hours, here:


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