I am taking a four week internship at a Private Hospital, periodic reports are required every week and this is the third report. I have been working in the Payroll/Payable section of the finance department for the current week.
Professor Instructions:
After you complete your first 40 hours of training you are requested to write a short, periodic report (a maximum of four pages – Times Roman with font-size 12) which describes your performance (you can include some documents of the accomplished tasks at the organization).

Some suggestion questions that may help you write your periodic report:
– What training were you able to complete during the last 40 hours of training?
– Did you face any problems or difficulties? If so, how did you solve them?
– Did you receive any feedback (positive or negative) during the last 40 hours? If so, what was it?
– Have you learned any new skills? Explain.
– What were some of the advantages and disadvantages you found in the work environment during these 40 hours?
– What contributions did you make to the organization?
– Overall, what did you learn during these 40 hours? How did you benefit from these 40 hours of training?

You need to organize your report around the points mentioned above (use them as titles) in order to make sure you address all needed points. you need also to start the report with a summary of what you have done during the week.

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