fire protection systems

Based on a hazard of your choosing (examples are Large cleaning dip tanks using
flammable/combustible solvents, automotive paint spray booths spraying flammable/combustible
liquids, powder coating operations in a spray room, Fluidized bed powder coating operations, Spray
paint booths for aircraft, aircraft storage hangers, oil refinery cracking tower, oil refinery bulk storage in
large above ground storage tanks, (note use various types of tanks i.e. floating roof, weak roof to shell,
etc.), computer data center, telephone switching exchange, Hazardous flammable/combustible liquid
warehouse storing the product in 55 gal drums stacked on skids, bulk gaseous hydrogen storage facility,
etc. ) write a two and a half (2-1/2 ) page MINIMUM report detailing your recommendation of the
type(s) of fire protection system(s) you would advise for the hazard.
The report shall include all aspects of the design (including amounts of agents) and installation as well as
the testing, inspection, and maintenance for the system(s). The systems shall include a suppression
type of system as well as an automatic or manual detection system if appropriate with applicable
notification procedures. Any of the types of systems discussed this semester are applicable including
portable extinguishers if appropriate.
The report shall be based on your classification of the hazard (must describe how you arrived at your
conclusion), why you chose the agent/medium of the suppression system, placement details including
location, spacing and any special considerations given. Reference any/all relative UL/NFPA/FM
standards (data sheets) including general section that cover the various aspects of the systems. List the
advantages/disadvantages of the agents/components you have chosen for the systems. Details for any
special acceptance inspections/testing requirements for the systems. Details for any special long term
maintenance that may be required.
The project location is Fargo, North Dakota. Public water of any volume you require is available
however the maximum pressure available is 45 PSI.
The list of hazards shown above is just an example, you may choose one of those or develop any hazard
of you desire,
NO simple hazards i.e. cooking hood over a kitchen fryer at McDonalds will be acceptable, however a
more complicated hood i.e. back to back hoods over a 50 foot cooking line with many different
appliances would be ok.

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