Questions for Reflection Paper #2: The Immigrant Amongst Us
For Reflection Paper #2, write a 3-4 page paper that includes self-disclosure and that makes a connection to outside experiences and to the readings/films/lectures. Furthermore, the paper should make some reference to class discussions and course objectives. Finally, make sure to proof read carefully and attend to all areas of grammar, punctuation, and word choice.

1. Explore the various ways Latino immigrants have contributed to the musical traditions in the United States. You may want to include your views of “corridos” and other musical genres such as salsa.

2. González asks: “Are Puerto Ricans as socially problematic and dependent as (Linda) Chavez asserts? Is it true that island residents have milked this country’s (the US) federal entitlement programs while giving little back as conservatives have claimed in recent years?” You may want to answer the questions as you assess the status of these immigrant populations. You may want to consider how such views may emerge and persist as a result of the notion of the “culture of poverty” identified by sociologists like Oscar Lewis.

3. Feminist philosopher Gloria Anzaldúa claims that language is identity. Juan González claims that “Spanish is not a foreign language in the United States.” Considering that Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States and that it is the language of the majority of the inhabitants of the Western Hemisphere, argue for or against learning (or keeping) Spanish. You may want to argue that bilingually is an asset. Similarly, you may want to argue against these positions.

4. What does it mean for the United States that “Puerto Rico remains the biggest, the most lucrative, and the oldest colony of the United States in an age when colonies were supposed to have disappeared?” In your paper, you may want to consider the consequences of colonization as well as some of the solutions that González proposes.

5. Compare and contrast the experience of Puerto Rican, Cuban and Dominican origin populations in the United States. You may want to discuss the cultural production or the social realities of the communities as described in the lectures, films, and the textbook, Harvest of Empire.

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