Human Resources Management- Writer’s choice

• Choose any publically traded company that interests you. Make sure that they are large enough to have been covered by the press.
• One primary source for information on the company will be its website.
• Read at least five articles about the company you are studying and complete the following grid.  just complete the grid.
• Complete the grid that follows

Company Studied
Name of company studied
url of the company website
Articles you read about each company (online or print) – you must list at least 5 citations (article title, author, publication, date or if the article is online, the URL). If you read more, list more. 1.





Headquarters location
Number of employees
Gross Revenue in most recent year available
Chairman of the Board and CEO
Are there any interesting people on the company board of directors? If yes, who do you think is interesting and why?
How is the company leadership described? Are they competent, admired, respected, etc.?
Key Products/Services
Three adjectives that describe the company in the marketplace – why did you choose these three particular adjectives?
Describe the company’s culture
Describe the company’s values
From what you’ve read, does the company live its values?
Biggest internal challenge – what makes this company difficult to lead or manage?
Biggest external challenge – what about the market or business landscape is making it difficult for this company to compete?
Internet presence – is it effective? Please describe.
Advertising in other media – is it effective? Please describe.
Target customer demographics
Describe the company’s reputation
Are there any scandals associated with the company?
Who are their major competitors?
Would you like to work for this company? Why or why not?

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