international relations

The third paper, a case study of approximately 3000 words, is intended to engage each student in an evaluation of an episode of an actual conflict. Your study should assess the emergence of the conflict, the process of its interactions or events and its outcomes. The conclusion of this final paper should include policy recommendations for improving the prevention, mitigation or relief of the conflict in question.
The paper should include the following: 1)    Describe the episode, including precursor indicators and events, the process or
sequences of events and the associated outcomes, as well as the structural context in
which they took place 2)    Identify all stakeholders and their interests in any early warning, conflict management
and/or response effort related to the episode 3)    Outline the responses to the episode, including their timing, scope and magnitude as
well as their goal (i.e. prevention, management and/or reconstruction) 4)    Discuss the lessons learned and policy recommendations that evolve from your study
in terms of preventing future episodes and/or mitigating their damage

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