Interview and selection process

We have all been through an some type of interview and selection process at some point in our lives. Based on federal sector practices.

1. List ways that you have been evaluated for selection in a job that you have held.

2. What were the major problems with the process and the method used?

3. What suggestions would you have for that company in the future?

4. Do you find it necessary to conduct a background investigation for that job? Why or why not?

5. What recruiting sources were used? What is the advantage and disadvantage of the source used? What would you have suggested after the reading?

6. Support the reliability and validity of the method used for recruitment.

7. What metrics are used for evaluating the costs, selection rate, acceptance rate, and yield rate for recruitment and retention?

8. Now that you have evaluated a current or past employer, what do you recommend/propose for your organization (fictitious or real) for a recruitment strategy?

9. What are the risks and challenges the organization faces by implementing the plan you recommend?

10. Provide an example of ways in which it is effectively or ineffectively implemented. Elaborate upon and assess this situation.


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