(1) Define Psychology
(2) Explain the five major approaches to the study of psychology making sure to emphasize their proponents.
(structuralism, functionalism, behaviorism, gestalt psychology, and psychoanalysis.)
(3) Describe the major idea/theory associated with any ONE of the following Psychological thinks: (i) Freud , (ii) Piaget, (iii) Maslow .

(4) Explain what is meant by the following terms as each pertains to psychological research: (i) Ethics , (ii) Confidentiality , (iii) Anonymity .

(5) A researcher wishes to investigate the attitudes of school children towards premarital sex. Discuss the ethical principles which must be considered before the researcher contemplates the research.

(6) Identify the Research methodology you would consider ideal for the investigation mentioned above(#4); and justify your choice of this method.

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