Kimberley Process De Beers

Position Paper

Subject: Kimberley Process
De Beers


A good position paper will include:

1. A brief introduction to the group you are representing and its history concerning the topic (conflict diamonds) (MY GROUP IS DE BEERS).

2. A summary of the ways in which the issue affects your group;

3. Your group’s involvement in the issue and your group’s justification for these policies, course of action, behavior;

4. Quotes from your group’s leaders about the issue;

5. Statistics to back up your group’s position on the issue (conflict diamonds – before
Process was initiated);

6. Actions taken by your group in the course of the Kimberley Process. You relationship to create the process – initiator of follower?;

7. Conventions and resolutions that your group has adopted or approved, or wants to see changed;

8. UN actions that your group supported or opposed;

9. What your group believes should be done to address the issue;

10. What your group would like to accomplish in the future with regard to the process;

11. How the positions of other actors affect your group’s position.

12. Questions 1 through 5 refer to the history of events that led to the Kimberley process – before global efforts were coordinated; when there was no action to stop conflict diamonds – but awareness was on the increase. Questions 6 through 11 refer to the Kimberley Process stage – when your group cooperates with other actors or changes its position as a result of the process.

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