Deliverable Length: Compare and contrast essay (2–3 pages/500–750 words)

Course Objectives:
•Define key literary terms, such as plot, character, setting, point of view, figurative language, symbolism, and style.
•Relate central ideas of specific literary works to contemporary issues.


Compare and contrast the literary styles used in Margaret Atwood’s “Happy Endings” and Alice Munro’s “Prue.”

Write an essay of 2–3 pages that compares and contrasts the literary styles used by the authors in these 2 works.
•Describe in detail the point of view the authors use.
•How do the authors use tone to develop the stories?
•Compare or contrast the symbols and titles in each story. ◦How are they similar or different in revealing the themes?

•Compare or contrast 1 character from each story. ◦Discuss how the characters are similar or different in their motives or actions or in the outcomes of the stories.

•Compare or contrast the writers’ approaches to plot, focusing on conflict and resolution.
•How are these 2 pieces relevant to the present day?
•Present evidence from the literary texts to support all of your claims.

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