Do you ever wonder why you think the way you do? Or why everyone else doesn’t agree with you? How does your personality fit in with your lifestyle, friends, job, and organizations to which you belong?

Through this fun, high-energy session, you will learn the primary and secondary colors of your personality — and how other people’s personalities affect you, as well. Participants will identify and understand individual strengths, personality patterns, and internal motivators – and also recognize potential blindspots and challenges! (This presentation is based on the book by Dr. Carol Ritberger.)
You will write a reaction to your “personality” as it is recorded and whether you agree or disagree with the result. Use your primary color and secondary color in your analysis. You are also asked to describe the personality you have the most difficulty working with. Does there appear to be support for this “opposite” personality in the material presented? Do you have a person that fits this color that you have difficulty working or being associated with? How do you handle that relationship?

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