MAT101 Module 1


Listed in the file attachment MAT101 Module 1 CASE AND SLP required 2 different papers please! PLEASE USE THE BACKGROUND PROVIDED there are a Case and a SLP paper due for this assignment please separate and LIST THE REFERENCES SEPARATELY. The papers are correlated so it helps if the same writer writes both. There is a CASE paper and a SLP paper that needs to be written. The CASE is 4 page(s) long and the SLP is 2 page(s) long.


Module 1 – SLP

Linear Expressions

Assignment Expectations

The SLP exercises are intended to expand your understanding of the Module materials through examples, applications, and the introduction of related topics.  The SLPs are available as Word documents.

You’re welcome to use the Word document as a template.  In other words, you can give it your own filename, add your own heading, and type your answers under the problems.  Be sure to set off your work by using a different font type or or font color.  Also, please indicate your each answer clearly, like this —  ANS: 2.

MAT101, SLP1

Revised March 2013 (Dr. Rensvold)

INSTRUCTIONS:  Read the references given under Background Information.  Also view the instructional videos under the following TD2 topics:  “Using the Equation Editor” and “Plotting Equations.” Work the following problems, taking full advantage of the hints, and showing all your work.

1.  If the point (2,5) is shifted 3 units to the right and 2 units down in the X-Y plane, what are its new coordinates?  (Hint:  Movement right/left = +/- X;  Movement up/down = +/- Y.)

2.  If the point (-1,6) is shifted 2 units to the left and 4 units up, what are its new coordinates?

3.  Find all the points having an x-coordinate of 3 whose distance from the point (-2, -1) is 13.   (Hint:  The unknown points [there are two of them] have coordinates (3,y), where y is to be determined.  Use the coordinates of the given point, the distance, and the distance formula to solve for the required values of y.)

4.  Find all points on the y-axis that are 6 units from the point (4, -3).

5.  Graph the line given by the equation y = 2x – 5.  Use the Relplot equation plotting app (Meyers, 2012).  Edit the image and paste it into your paper, following the example of the video at TD1.

6.  Find the x- and y-intercepts for the line given by the equation 3x + 4y = 12 and use them to graph the line.  Use the plotting applet in Bogomolny (2012a).  Edit and paste the image into your paperl

7.  Graph and present the lines given by the equations y = 6 and x = -5. (Use Relplot.) What can you say about the lines and their orientation to one another?

8.  Graph and present the lines given by the equations y = -2x + 3 and y = ½x – 4. (Use Relplot.) What can you say about the lines and their orientation to one another?

9.  What is the perimeter of the rectangle with the following corners: (5,2), (-5,2) and (5,-3)? Hints:  Make a sketch.  Find the fourth corner.  Determine the lengths of the sides by inspection;  that is, by “eyeballing” the sketch.

10.  Company ABC’s profit is determined by the following equation: P = 30x + 40y, where x and y are sales of particular products and P is in thousands of dollars. It was determined that maximum and minimum profit values occur when sales occur in the following ordered pairs: (2,6), (6,4) and (-1,-3). At which pair is the maximum profit and at which pair is the minimum – state the profit. Hint.  A negative number = a loss, not a profit.


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