MGT492 Strategic Mgmt

this assignment has six separate parts that’s required a 120 word reply each.

part 1.
Strategic Management Process:

In a constantly and rapidly changing environment, developing and implementing a competent strategic plan is central to organization stability and viability. Describe a strategic management process that can be utilized by a multinational organization to gain a competitive advantage over others in their industry and explain the importance of each stage.

part 2.
Challenges of Multinationals:

Compare and contrast the challenges for managing a broad geographic scope of operations with complex integration needs – typical of a multinational organization – with an organization operating within one country.

part 3.

The conventional wisdom of monolithic expansion, ownership of all strategic resources, and carefully controlled market entry appears outdated. However, it may not be advantageous to outsource every product or service produced in a country. Detail and elaborate on the criteria or factors an organization should consider prior to outsourcing aspects of the product or service they produce.

part 4.
Globally Right Source:

Pressures to provide improved products at lower costs are an important factor prompting offshore outsourcing. Explain the concept of “globally right source” and detail how a firm can “globally right source” their value-adding activities to maximize their global competitive position.

part 5.
Globalization and Risk

One goal of a multinational organization is to build, protect and exploit its unique resources to establish a competitive advantage. A similarly important goal of a multinational organization is to diversify the organization’s financial risk portfolio. Discuss how globalization allows organizations to diversify their financial/business risks and amortize their fixed costs and resource investments throughout the organization.

part 6
Political and Legal Differences:

Evaluate how differences in political and legal systems create vast misunderstandings and tremendous opportunities in the international marketplace; then propose how an organization can overcome these misunderstandings and take advantage of these opportunities.

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