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• Mary Jo Hatch, M. J. & Cunliffe, A. L. (2006) Organization Theory: Modern, Symbolic, and Postmodern Perspectives 2nd Edition. New York: Oxford University Press. ISBN13: 9780199260218 $69.95

Write a 2500 word (excludes front matter and references) APA-formatted expository essay that you would use in teaching organizational theory. The essay is to describe three organizational theories
1. Organization Design
2. Organizational Change
3. Organizational Learning and Knowledge management
presented in Hatch’s text and show how each theory might or might not work in three different cultures (use the GLOBE Study regions for the cultures). It is best to select cultures that you are somewhat familiar with so that you don’t have to do extensive research.

Each theory is to be a separate section and you will compare/contrast the application/practice of the theory in the three cultures. Use the same three cultures for each of the theories. Do not use a separate subsection for each theory but rather decide on key issues of the specific theory and make each issue a subsection. Compare/contrast the issue within each of the three cultures.

Personal experience is acceptable to support your points but be sure to explain the reader carefully your experiences. It takes more text to support/defend your personal experience than to cite another author.

For insight into what an expository essay is please see: but do not follow the five-paragraph method described on the website. You will have five sections — introduction, three theories, and a conclusion.

Note that this project is scored using the ‘QEP Rubric’. Please click on the underlined ‘Minor Project 2’ heading above and review the rubric so that you know how the project will be scored.

Decide how much text you can include in each of the sections and subsections and then write up to that word count. Do not write all that you can and then attempt to pare all of it down to 2500 words.

It is anticipated that you will spend 15 hours on this project. Most of your reading is already done, but you might need five hours to research the three cultures. Thus you have 10 hours to think and write. If you type at 35 words a minute without errors then you have about 90 minutes of typing, but let’s presume you need four hours to type 2500 words (this is about ten words a minute). This leaves you with six hours to think and plan what you will write and how you will support your position. If you feel that you are not able to do this in the allotted time please contact the course instructor and discuss the project.

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