Moral Problems

Suppose that 90% of the arable land in a nation is owned by 5% of the population.  Can this be just? If you think it cannot possibly be, explain carefully and precisely why not.  If you think it can be, specify under what conditions it would be unjust and under what conditions it would not be unjust.  Explain carefully and thoroughly what it takes for such an ownership pattern to be consistent with justice.  Now, suppose conditions are not just.  What should take place to reform the situation?  That is, how are those who seek reform obligated to proceed in trying to bring about reform? Is there, realistically, any feasible course of political action and events that could succeed in achieving the needed reform? Explain carefully why or why not.  If not, or supposing that political efforts have been unsuccessful for years, would a revolution be justifiable? Explain carefully, precisely, and thoroughly why the resort to violent rebellion and revolutionary warfare would or would not be justifiable under the conditions given. Note: whenever carrying out the instruction to explain why or why not, you must consider the objections you would get from someone opposed to your position and answer those objections.

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