describe 4 pieces of music from the listening list!

Music Essay:


In a 900-word essay (or more) describe in detail either the Romantic Period or Twentieth-century art music.


You may choose to discuss how cultural events impacted the development of music at a given point in time, and perhaps what you hear and react to in music throughout the era.


Feel free to discuss specific works or general musical values.


You need to describe 4 pieces of music from our listening list, and explain the significance of these works to your historical narrative.


Please organize your thoughts using paragraphs with topic sentences and a clear organization for your narrative.


****Listening list****(be sure to use 4 pieces of music from listening list, and describe them! )


Romantic Period:


“Un di felice, eterea” – La Traviata (1983)


Anna Caterina Antonacci “Habanera” from Carmen


Luciano Pavarotti sings “Che gelida manina”



Twentieth-century art music:


Debussy: La Mer (Valery Gergiev, London Symphony Orchestra)


Joffrey Ballet 1989 Rite of Spring (3 of 3)


John Cage Sonata V


‪John Cage‪ – 4’33”


Water Passion After St. Matthew (Clip)-University of Utah Combined Ch


Gamelan Ubud, Bali 2010 HD


Grading Rubric:


Achievement Level


Meets Expectations




Below Standards


Have you written a 900-word essay about music from the Romantic era or twentieth century?

(70% Weighting)

70 percent

900 words, discussing features from both eras

46.9 percent

700-899 words; social and musical aspects of one era are fully discussed, while the other is briefly described

23.1 percent

1-699 words; general descriptions of the time periods are offered, without specific social or musical discussions

Repertoire: Have you included 4 examples of repertoire from our listening in your discussion?

(20% Weighting)

20 percent

4 pieces included (2 sacred, 2 secular); musical features of the works are connected to their socio-historical background

13.4 percent

3 pieces included; musical features of the works are included, but not connected to the historical narrative

6.6 percent

1-2 pieces included; musical features of the works and historical significance is lacking

Organization: Does the paragraph serve as a focused unit of thought? Does the sequence of information create a logical and compelling discussion?

(10% Weighting)

10 percent

Organization enhances the major ideas. The order of information is compelling and moves the reader through the text.

6.7 percent

Attempt is made to organize ideas but paragraphs do not flow into a coherent whole.

3.3 percent

The writing lacks a clear sense of direction. There is no identifiable internal structure.



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