NHRA Sportsman Categories – Top Sportsman

AET 330 Presentation Grading Rubric Spring 2015
Presenter: _____________   Topic:  ________________   Reviewer:________Dr. Peters__  
  Highlights indicate specifics for the category pertaining to your presentation. For scores less than minimum please see the additional remarks section. Points Awarded Points Possible  
  20 15 10 0-5      
Communication Skills Speaks clearly, generates interest, delivers with enthusiasm, is not monotone Short speech under 6 mins or Struggles moderately with speech Monotone or struggles significantly with speech no voice   20  


  • the beginning of the sport
  • major highlights to date
  • some of the rules
  • the type of participants
  • the current state of the sport
  • the type of people that watch
  • other pertinent factors that make the presentation interesting
Overall length, under 8 minutes, does not allow for proper development of content Overall length, under 5 minutes, does not allow for proper development of content  depth of content discernable (might not have voice-over)   20  
Power Point Presentation Well developed, presents relevant material, good use of graphics, large enough print for all to read, unique, interesting, not too wordy Slide design detracted from viewing words, Multiple grammatical mistakes on more than one slide Words on slides are the “speech”   20  
Presentation Mechanics Time 12-18 minutes

Voice Over good quality

Speech is in the notes section

Slides automatically advance

Voice automatically starts on each slide

, Missing two components Missing more than two components Not enough voice over   20  
Impact Details impact of the sport on society

Explicitly address economic and social implications

 Missing one component but one is well developed Not well developed but present No impact on economy or social implications   20  
        Column Totals—>  +10 110 of 100  
            10 is for  
Additional Comments: TOTAL ==> On-time  


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