online classes

You have to write research paper includes 4 pages about on line classes, in this research you have to follow the steps/parts below.

The main point of the paper is to show how technology can be incorporated/applied to the organizational concept.

Research that concept incorporating sources (literature review)

Analyze the concept in a real world organization (Hopefully, your organization.)

The topic is about online classes, 5 pages, 5 references, double space, APA style.

Parts of paper

1. Introduction Write a brief introduction of the organizational concept/issue and the organization (school district) in which you are applying the concept. Incorporate technology into the concept by showing how technology is changing/enhancing/enlarging/supporting the organization.
2. Application
  1. Incorporate technology to the organizational concept and the organization.
  2. What do we learn about the organizational concept by applying technology? What do we learn about the organization by infusing technology into the organization concept?
  3. How might the organization be affected, either positively or negatively by incorporating technology?
3. Conclusions


Finally offer a critique and propose a specific program or course of action that you believe could potentially improve/support the organization by incorporating your suggested technologies. Perhaps others have already used/implemented/solved/improved through the incorporation of suggested technologies. You could report on how technological innovations were incorporated to support the organizational concept, thereby improving the organization, and what’s your findings.

4. Literature Review Summarize what you learned from your references. You can use quotes here, remember to cite the author(s).
5. References


You have to use at least 5 references. At least one should be an online reference. Use APA style.


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