Erikson E.H. (1963) Childhood & Society. Norton

Article Summary 1 – Erikson’s 8 stages of man
The purpose of following questions is twofold. They are designed to help you think critically
about the reading AND they are meant as a study exercise of the first two chapters for the
Each question will likely take you between half a page or 1 page double spaced to complete
depending on your writing style. But length is up to you.
For each question, you will be awarded marks on clarity of writing, accuracy of answers, and
quality of critical thinking (hint: higher marks will be granted when you provide specific
examples within the source, textbook or lecture notes to back-up your statement).
You are permitted to quote the source, textbook or lecture (use the date to refer to specific
lectures) as evidence of a point that you are trying to make, but you should not quote the
sources as the answer itself.
1) Provide a 1 page overview of Erikson’s 8 stages (5 marks)
2) Explain how Erikson theorizes that we develop through these stages – be sure to include at least
2 out of the 4 themes and controversies discussed in class/text (e.g., nature vs. nurture) (5
3) Discuss your own reaction to the paper- what thoughts or ideas come to mind while you read it?
(5 marks)
4) Evaluate this theory based on the criteria of a good theory (5 marks)
5) Develop a hypothesis where we could feasibly test an aspect of this theory. Assume you have
been given a significant amount of resources (money, time, co-workers). Be sure to discuss what
type of design you would use, how you would measure your variables and what outcomes
would lead to a conclusion that supports the theory. (Note- it is better to be specific and
accurate and test a small piece of the theory, than to try to test the entire theory and leave
holes in your design) – 10 marks
6) This work has been very influential to theories that have followed it – Describe at least one
more recent theory in child development that builds on this work. Be specific as to how the
works overlap – 5 marks
Bonus mark: Provide an APA reference for this chapter

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