write a 6-10 page paper (excluding title and references) on a social psychology
topic of your choice in APA style (6th edition).
Choosing a Topic
Choose a topic that interests you. A good start would be to look at the chapter topics that we
will be covering in this course and review the topic in the textbook. You may choose a topic
even if it was not covered extensively in class. You will have to do some preliminary reading to
narrow down your topic so it’s not too broad. You can always consult with me if you are unsure
if it is too broad.
Choosing a Paper to Write (2 options)
1. Literature Review Option
This paper will involve reviewing the literature with a critical eye and suggesting areas of new
research. You may highlight methodological weaknesses in previous studies that should be
strengthened as well as new areas of research. You should do a thorough enough literature
review to ensure that your suggestions have not been researched before. This could be a great
starting point for a research project or honour’s thesis.
2. Application of Social Psychology
This paper will take a topic in social psychology and apply it to a real world problem to change
or improve what currently exists. The application can be to traditional social problems (e.g.,
homelessness, inequality) or more specific problems (e.g., getting people to buy a new type of
cell phone, attend a rehabilitation program, etc.). The format of the paper would be divided
into a literature review and an applied section. You would define your topic, review the
literature on it, introduce the social problem or situation you wish to apply your topic to, and
then apply the literature review findings you previously discussed as ways to solve the problem.

cite at least seven peer reviewed journal article references.

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