Reflection Paper- Integrity and Academic Honesty

Submit a 3-5 page, double-spaced, paper on “Integrity and academic honesty”. Your paper should include 3 citations from outside sources. This is your opportunity to reflect on your experience. Please describe the assumptions and expectations of students in college pertaining to academic integrity and honesty, Explain how this experience has impacted your understanding of yourself and how it might affect your behavior ethically in the future. (for information: An overview of the UCSD Policy on the Integrity of Scholarship please see

For my situation, I got caught on final exam, professor said that my answer similar with another student. (that student is my friend and we study in this same Econ class) And I went to the board but finally they said I am held responsible for academic misconduct. Although I bring my “cheat sheet” which used on the exam and (it is same with my friend one) the extra tutor notes to the board and prove that we did not cheat, we finally need to write this reflection paper. We are not sitting together but it is not string enough for evidence. Anyways, thank you so much for helping me write this reflection paper. I have no idea how to write a reflection paper that I did not cheat on the exam.

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