Review of Qualitative Research Article

ead article provided and write a brief analysis of the qualitative research article you selected. Write the paper in such a way as to answer the questions/issues below. However, do not include the list on the paper. Instead, let the items guide the content expressed in your paper, which should be in typical paragraph form.
1. State the research problem or issue in the study.
2. State the hypothesis/questions or objectives. Were they stated clearly?
3. What questionnaires/survey instruments were used to answer the problem?
4. What was the population used in the study? Was there a sample used? If so, how was the sample selected? How many were in the sample?
5. What were the statistical techniques used to analyze the data?
6. Identify and report/discuss the model or models that are associated with the study or are developed from the study
7. Summarize the results. How clearly were the results presented?
8. What are the limitations of the study? Are they stated?
9. Summarize the conclusion(s). Are the conclusions presented clearly? Does the data support the conclusions? Does the researcher over generalize the findings?
10. How can the results and conclusions presented in this study be applied in your particular field of study or work environment?

Kai, J., Beavan, J., Faull, C., Dodson, L., Gill, P., & Beighton, A. (2007). Professional Uncertainty and Disempowerment Responding to Ethnic Diversity in Health Care: A Qualitative Study. Plos Medicine, 4(11), e323-1775.

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