3D scanning and Augmented Reality as a form of visual & sensory ethnography, storytelling and educational game play

Human Factors in Computing Systems – Understanding People: Theory, Concepts, Methods

To create/seed a multimodal discourse, specifically in indigenous/aboriginal communities

To use gameplay as a method of capturing and sharing the indigenous narrative

Leading to the design of interactive games, mirrorworlds (exact copies of real world locations), real/artificial mixed realities that can inform/educate

3D scanning as a way of archiving and locating indigenous culture and cultural artefacts in space and time, (spatio temporal),

culture might also be events (such as ceremonies, storytelling or music) and this is a form of event mapping for narrative analysis

actor-network theory ANT as a method for mapping the people, environment and the artefacts (rock art, petroglyphs and scar trees… and other indigenous artefacts including narrative/stories)

situational analysis

towards a process for working with isolated and disadvantaged communities

methods for understanding the position and roles of participants (positioning theory)

Unpacking narratives, capturing social discourse, story telling

using mixed realities (MR) digital and analogue
a position paper on how this technology, process and method will lead on to seeding speculative research and proposed expeditions in the field

Possible References:
Milgram, P., Takemura, H., Utsumi, A., & Kishino, F. (1994). Augmented Reality: A Class of Displays on the Reality-Virtuality Continuum (pp. 282–292)
.Pink, S. (2006). Doing visual ethnography. London: SAGE
.Pink, S. (2009). Doing sensory ethnography. Los Angeles; London: SAGE.

Keywords: Human Computer Interface (HCI), Gamification, Cultural heritage, 3d scanning, augmented reality,

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