The Organization of Change

Given the rapidly changing environment, disruptive technologies, and competition from overseas such as the omni-directional product development/innovation cycle resulting from globalization, there are significant implications for intelligence-gathering, organizational structure, and staffing.

Imagine the concept of “design” as a competitive advantage enhanced by global sourcing. Think about Apple, for example, but also about Manga and others. Then, consider the following:
What lessons are there for organizations and, particularly, for individual managers regarding the globalization of ideas, technology, design, and processes?
How does an organization break the rules of what is expected, what is typical, and what is a mere incremental difference, in order to create a dramatic “10X” improvement? Can an incremental improvement yield a 10X change?
How might you utilize Maslow’s eupsychian management and particular metaphors described by Morgan to stimulate innovative breakthroughs?

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