The Theater of Pompey: The Different Structure

Bibliography: A minimum of four (4) academic sources is required. By academic sources: peer-reviewed published material of the sort found in university libraries. It is not limited to books; academic journals are welcomed. Internet sources like Wikipedia, and other sites of that sort do not count. You may feel free to use non-academic sources of that sort, for which you will have to include them in y our bibliography, of course. However, they do not count as one of the 4 required minimum. Not complying with the bare minimal number of sources will deem your paper inadmissible.

Graphic Section: All pictures must be of excellent quality . Graphic material is very important when explaining the formal characteristics of a design and will be instrumental to illustrate the concept you have selected. Furthermore, these papers will eventually form part of a library of student’s works and can be used for the purposes of various accreditation processes; therefore, they must show graphics of a professional quality. Graphic sources may include, but are not limited to, books and magazine articles, drawings, and photographs; they can also be downloaded from the Internet. Finally, you have to make sure that all the graphic material used in your paper is clearly identified; therefore, you must include the following information with your images:
a. Name of the source (i.e. name of magazine, title of book, or Internet address);
b. Name of the publisher (when appropriate);
c. Name of the author of the article where your pictures appear (when applicable);
d. Year and edition (or year and volume if you are using magazines);
e. Call number (if it is a library item);
f. Name of the building, architect, location, and year of construction.

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