US history

US Government Assignments
Political cartoon
1)Find a political cartoon online, in regards to governmental issues on the topics listed below, must be less than one year old. In other words, it must be published within the past 12 months.
First paragraph: Write one paragraph summarizing the cartoon’s message. Include detailed background information about the cartoon’s subject to help explain the cartoon’s meaning. Be specific and include facts.
Second paragraph: Write one paragraph stating whether or not you agree with the cartoon’s message and an explanation of your opinion.
*make sure to add the political cartoon picture in the document
Choose one from the topics listed below:
• Vice president
• Senate or senator
• House of Representatives or a member of the House
• Justice system
• Supreme Court of the United States
• Foreign policy
• Energy
• Economy
• Military
• Legislation
• Civil liberty
• A social issue
• A local issue
Two Party System
2) Respond to the following questions in 1 paragraph
-Does the two-party system work or do you favor a multi-party system? Why or why not?
-Are there ways you think the two-party system could be improved? How?

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