Women’s & gender studies

Read the introduction and first chapter of bell hooks’ book Feminism is for Everybody (“Introduction: Come Closer to Feminism,” p vi-x; and Chapter 1 “Feminist Politics: Where We Stand,” p 1-6). ( see the attachment)

Bell hooks argues that for most people, everything they know about feminism, they’ve learned from the patriarchal mass media (p. 4).
This reading and the other introductory readings in the class seek to redress common misunderstandings about feminist politics.
Answer to the question :
1)According to hooks, why is “feminism for everybody”?
2)What is hooks’ definition of feminism and why does she like it?
3) What are some other definitions of feminism that you appreciate? (any source, but must cite; list at least
4). Do you agree with hooks that “feminism is for everybody,” Why or why not?

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