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Prepare a report after reading the following five questions.  The report should be typewritten and a minimum of one page, double-spaced, in length. No special format is required–I’m only interested in the content.

Think about your current job or a job that you previously had, a sport you have in which you have been a participant, or a classroom situation.

     1.  Who is the most outstanding leader with whom you have worked or known?  This could be an employer, 
          coach, counselor, teacher, parent, classmate, or friend.  It could be a formal or informal leader.

     2.  What was his or her position and in what capacity did you work with the person?

     3.  What are this person’s outstanding leadership qualities?

     4.  Select the most outstanding leadership quality above and provide an example that demonstrates this quality.

     5.  Do most of your coworkers or friends view this person as being an outstanding leader, too?  Explain.

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