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A book review should be prepared over the “Where Am I Wearing” by Kelsey Timmerman. The primary purpose of the book review is to analyze the content and provide a persuasive argument regarding its relevance. Please follow the guidelines set below:

Initiate the review with a brief introduction to the book and the author. Describe the reasons for writing on the subject and speak to the author’s qualifications and background relative to the subject. This usually can be accomplished in one to two paragraphs.

Identify the general scope/purpose and provide a summary or synopsis of the work. The general scope or purpose should basically answer the question, “Why does this book exist?” Cover the synopsis of the work much as you would if you were verbally summarizing it for someone. You must be sure to include critical elements of the work within the summary that will allow you to subsequently provide a relevant critique of the work. The number of paragraphs in this section will vary, but a typical amount would be between three and five paragraphs.

Critique the work. Base your discussion on the general purpose and critical elements you identified in the synopsis. It is advised that you focus on only the essential and salient elements of the work rather than trying to address each and every one of them. You will be able to critique fewer points well whereas too many will result in a lengthy and distracted discussion. Discuss whether the author has adequately supported the theses that were proposed. Identify if the author supports or discusses points adequately—what are the premises based on? It will likely be necessary that you cite specific selections from the book.

Conclude the review with your personal reaction to the work. To state that you simply liked or disliked the work is inadequate. Speak to how challenging the ideas were, whether the work provided new information/ideas and/or compelled you to think differently, and so forth. Identify if the manner in which information was presented was appealing, appropriate, etc.

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