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1.      Review the following websites to obtain some background in telehealth/telemedicine (these terms are often used interchangeably) in the Australian context:

Australasian Telehealth Society (, Medicare ( and the article from Business Spectator (

2.      Use key words to search the databases for scholarly articles in telemedicine and telehealth.  You will need to have a good understanding of the Australian context and the status of telemedicine/telehealth internationally.

3.      Your task is to write a report that will evaluate telehealth/telemedicine in the Australian context.  

  • Evaluate the benefits and limitations of telehealth/telemedicine in the Australian context for:

                i.      Patients and their families

               ii.      Providers (doctors, specialists, nurses etc.)

               iii.      The government

              iv.      Society

  • What are the requirements for effective delivery of these services?

              i.      Technology requirements

             ii.      Educational/training requirements

            iii.      Other

  • Compare and contrast the Australian situation with the international context

  • Provide a recommendation on the next steps for telehealth/telemedicine adoption in Australia


  1. The report should not exceed 15 pages (excluding reference list), 12 point Font in word processing software such as Microsoft Word.  The report should have appropriate headings and subheadings (including an introduction and conclusion).
  2. This report must use scholarly articles to support any claims you make.  You must use the Harvard referencing style.


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