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4 Vs Analysis


The United Arab Emirates is a dynamic marketplace that requires a company’s ability for constant innovation to thrive. It is also an active commercial hub for different organizations. The region has an active aviation industry because of the huge traffic of passengers that go back and forth. Etihad Airways is one of the leading airlines in the kingdom which enjoys significant social capital from millions of flyers, massive levels of profitability for various stakeholders and a positive reputation for the possession of a friendly working environment amongst current and potential employees.


Definition of Topic

The 4 Vs analysis is a vital measurement tool comprising of topical discussions. It involves four key areas. First, the volume of the business operation is examined as a way of displaying the level of commercial involvement of an organization. Secondly, it also deals with the existence of a variety of products/services. The final two areas involving the variation dimension and the visibility aspects are also tackled in this topic. As such, the topic delves into the strategic systems of operations that govern a firm’s modus operandi.



The usage of the 4 Vs approach is helpful in the determination of the scope of operations within an enterprise. It provides insight into the type of corporate culture within a corporation and highlights the monetary gains accrued from different processes within the supply chain (Koch & Lockwood, 2016). This analysis is a vital indicator of the effectiveness of different management approaches within a corporation and becomes an integral point of reference for guiding a manager’s decision-making process. For instance, it helps form the basis for the creation of different pricing models as well as marketing initiatives for higher generation of revenue and greater visibility, respectively.





  • The airline handles a large number of passengers annually
  • The firm has an expanded fleet of airplanes
  • The company handless small-scale and large-scale goods

Etihad Airways has an elaborate operational framework that contributes to its ability to transport more than 14 million passengers annually. The company has a seamless structure that hastens the process of a passenger’s acquisition of a flying ticket, his/her scheduling of the flight and eventual boarding of the airplane to any destination of choice. These capabilities are handled by Etihad’s continued innovative strategies such as the increase in codeshare agreements with specific partners. For example, the business is in partnership with Pakistan International Airline, Jet Airways, American Airlines and Air Serbia. These agreements ensure that a huge number of passengers and cargo are effectively transported to different global destinations (Kaufman, 2015). It is apparent that such deals augment the existing Etihad capacity for realizing a similar goal. In fact, these partnerships have elevated their grouping into the seventh largest worldwide conglomeration of airlines. This status ensures that a higher traffic flow is experienced under their brands.

The corporation has regularly increased its fleet and currently possesses more than 121 aircrafts. These increments expand Etihad’s capability to fly more people and goods to various locations around the world without disappointing any prospective client that shows an interest in using the airline. Amongst the aircrafts acquired for these purposes are four Boeing Dreamliners and four A380-800 models. In fact, the airline has already made orders for more airplanes from different manufacturers by factoring in this need in its budgetary allocations. Having a higher number of aircrafts with larger space for more passengers and cargo holds aids for Etihad in the transportation of greater volumes of people and goods.

Such a vast undertaking is concurrently accompanied by the recruitment of more ground and cabin crew personnel who offer services to the myriad of customers that flock the firm’s premises. In fact, Etihad Airways has a global workforce of over 4000 employees who form part of the large pool of skilled labor that is necessary for ensuring the realization of the firm’s goals. For instance, it has contracted a large number of aeronautical engineers, pilots, flight attendants and customer service workers with a dedicated work ethic (Kaufman, 2015). These individuals are well organized in their different roles and are accustomed to the tasks which are an evolving skill based on hours of repetition. Their combined experience in the aviation sector and familiarity of processing different requests from potential clients aid in simplifying their workload and reducing the bureaucratic channels towards a more straightforward way of booking a flight and enjoying a safe on-time trip. These mechanisms have allowed the business to serve millions of customers which in turn translates to higher levels of income generation.

Passengers are often allowed to have some form of baggage with them as long as it does not exceed a certain limit and Etihad Airways complies with this requirement. Such loads are dependent on the motive of the traveler, the length of the period he/she intends to stay at any location and the number of people accompanying him/her. The airline has recorded a huge influx of passengers over the years, which is an indicator of its huge client base across the globe. It has bought and distributed several baggage carousels, luggage trolleys, and luggage carts in all its areas of jurisdictions to cater for the increase in luggage from its customers. These devices are eminently displayed in areas within easy reach. They effectively enable large files of people to board their flights and disembark rather quickly upon reaching their destinations. In turn, people appreciate spending less time on such matters and eventually become loyal customers of the airline. They even use the “word of mouth” approach to inform their family members and friends about the excellent porter services offered by Etihad Airways which helps attract more passengers. This service is repeated in the airline’s global operations, and the huge passenger numbers are replicated.




  • The corporation has airplanes for all types of customers
  • Addition of more flight routes is complete
  • The business has a diverse workforce

Etihad Airways has heavily invested in its in-flight experience as a means of enhancing the passenger experience in stark contrast with its competitors. For example, it has introduced a wide range of dietary meals for its customers with an emphasis on local cuisine for the different ethnic backgrounds of its clientele. In most instances, the airline has identified popular foodstuffs that are synonymous with the demographic of travelers in certain routes. This arrangement provides them with opportunities for making wide selections of meals and drinks depending on their preference. All passengers who prefer flying with this airline are guaranteed of eating and drinking the food and beverage of their choice.

The corporation has worked tirelessly to secure rights for numerous routes and destinations which ensure that Etihad passengers and goods are ably transported to numerous global destinations. For instance, the business delivers travelers across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, China and North America. In most instances, the airline has contractual agreements with a wide network of airports and other partner airlines that offer interconnection flights for its clients. Such level of flexibility enhances the firm’s reach and provides passengers the chance of easily locating their intended destinations. Clients are availed the various options upon making bookings and are advised accordingly. Under all circumstances, Etihad staff facilitate the wishes of the customers and match their needs with the varying alternatives at the disposal of the airline.

Etihad Airways is segmented into several sections that cater to commercial travelers and business-oriented ones. It operates a separate fleet of highly luxurious jets with state of the art technological advancements on board (Andrup, 2010). Business-minded people with a preference for comfort and privacy are the envisioned clients for this service while other travelers are accommodated in the normal commercial aircrafts, albeit with the usual partitions involving economy and business class. This shows that the corporation has different aircrafts for all types of clients and offers all services that respective passengers may require depending on their monetary power. The firm, however, ensures that it affords amenities for customers to maintain their contact with their loved ones, entertain themselves while on air and conduct basic business transactions.

Etihad employees are a critical pillar of the company’s success, and it has made huge human capital investments in the actualization of its goals. The firm’s human resource department has regularly conducted rigorous recruitment exercises in several parts of the globe to fill vacancies with a diversified workforce. For example, in 2015, Etihad Airways employed more than 1000 personnel from the Middle East and Europe in a bid to cater for the rising demand of international passengers to the respective routes (Rantala, 2017). These members of staff are deployed to many overseas locations after having undergone weeks of intensive training under Etihad Airways development program. Such a multicultural workforce ensures that passengers are attended to by individuals from different cultural backgrounds who understand their language, mode of dressing, sociopolitical beliefs and cuisines. It is incumbent on the clients to make interactions with staff members they feel comfortable around from the large pool of mixed race workers of the airline. The diversity is beneficial to the customers and the management alike.




  • The firm is located close to modern infrastructure
  • The company offers discounts for greater appeal to the masses during certain holidays
  • Etihad Airways aviation industry experts that are able to accurately hedge fuel prices with reputable suppliers for consumption during peak demand
  • The firm employs state-of-the-art security systems that guarantee safety during seasonal scares

Etihad Airways has is located close to major cities, urban developments, road and rail networks and social amenities. It also has a highly competitive workforce that understands the aviation industry dynamics and makes appropriate preparations for any eventualities. For example, the airline aptly provides discounts on the price of the tickets during certain holidays such as Easter and Christmas. These changes are aligned to the projected influx of traffic as several people travel to different destinations to celebrate with friends and family members. Such acts appeal to a wide range of customers because it saves them a lot of money that is channeled to the purchase of gifts for their loved ones. The allure of surprising lucky passengers with assorted merchandise during such high-demand seasons is another draw that has gained traction in the company over the years. It has helped in the accumulation of more frequent flier miles which facilitates the retention of more customers.

The corporation is adept at hedging its fuel capacity during both low and high periods of demands for transportation. It conducts numerous market searches for fuel suppliers and contractually interacts with the right partner for the latter’s provision of fuel during the peak season. The payments are made prior to the occurrence of the stated period to avoid incurring huge expenditure owing to a rise in fuel prices (Andrup, 2010). Etihad Airways capitalizes on the availability of fuel during low seasons to implement a high variation policy that guarantees continuity of its operations despite the fluctuations in the price of fuels. This avoids any disruptions in the flight schedules and ensures that clients receive optimal services during both low and high seasons.

Global security threats have become a big challenge for many airlines but Etihad has devised ingenious ways of ensuring the safety of its crew and passengers is guaranteed.  Modern state of the art equipment is mounted an all its fleet of aircrafts and adequate security personnel are stationed at the airports to handle any emerging threats. In fact, the firm has budgetary allocations for special periods in the annual calendar for bolstering security efforts. For instance, these funds are made available during memorial and remembrance days which fall on anniversaries such as 9/11 when attackers may be highly motivated to strike again. It has contracted qualified security experts who collaborate with federal and state officials for such operations (Khoy, 2013). This has uplifted its profile amongst other competitors and enhanced the confidence of passengers to choose the airline during these periods. Its ability to surpass expectations is unparalleled. Such flexibility for seasonal events helps build its reputation as one of the best airlines in the world.



  • The business has an active online presence
  • Electronic flight bookings are acceptable in this firm
  • Customer views are welcome

Mobile Etihad Airways applications are in plenty for tracking an individual’s flight and luggage. These services are easily accessible from any online portal including current smartphones that are common amongst the populace. In most instances, passengers can monitor the state of their travels by logging on the internet connections aboard each flight and provide their reviews while in transit or wait until they land in their destination. The airline operates a consumer-friendly website with a mobile version that readily offers information about the corporation, its members of staff, financial reports, and corporate social responsibilities that provide a constant level of visibility across different electronic media.

Flight bookings are a vital step in air transportation, and the firm has both analog and digital platforms for accessing this service (Walker, 2014). Passengers are faced with a choice between manually visiting its ticket booking offices spread across various international airports and designated outlets or using the company’s online portal. The former enables them to take physical possession of the tickets while the latter ensures that an electronic trail is the only proof of payment. Most passengers and clients with goods for transit prefer the electronic format because it is simple, fast, convenient and traceable. In fact, business people with large loads destined for different geographical locations benefit from an online cargo application that automatically monitors its status upon the payment of haulage fees. It does so irrespective of the owner’s positioning, and he/she can access the progress of the goods while in transit.

Any flight experience emphasizes the customer’s views, and the business has facilitated the exercise of this right. The airline has an active presence on social media that is open to the public to present their views before, during and after their flights. Having made numerous promises ranging from the food, in-flight entertainment, cabin crew service and specialization of its flying crews, these platforms offer an ample opportunity for passengers to compliment and ventilate on an equal measure. For example, they follow the scheduling arrangements of different flights, emergency incidents, weather updates, and flight crew discussions about their career experiences and real-time information about specific flights. Passengers are also welcome to upload their opinions on any of the topics above, which provides refreshing perspectives on the occurrences for posterity. Additionally, it is a great way for Etihad pax to gain feedback from the management without necessarily booking appointments with the relevant personnel. Such virtual interactions between the corporation and its clientele increase Etihad Airways’ level of exposure that aids customers gain pertinent material about issues of interest to them. There is also a high cost involved in all these services.



The global community is facing financial challenges, and the aviation sector has been one of the worst-hit industries. Etihad Airways needs to strengthen its cooperation with Boeing under the Wind Updates program that seeks to reduce the amount of fuel consumption by its fleet. The application should be upgraded to provide faster transmission of in-flight aircraft performance modules to the flight crew and in real-time, so that appropriate decision-making processes are activated for maximum efficiency. It is a vital undertaking because the reduction in fuel expenditure would enhance the company’s portfolio by giving the management the flexibility of channeling such funds to other developmental areas (Rantala, 2017). It would also minimize cases of engine malfunction, which lowers maintenance costs and boosts safety standards within the fleet. Flight optimization should be prioritized by extending access of wind and temperature information to the passengers too. This would help them make informed choices regarding their flight schedules to avoid unnecessary delays.

The company has to forge a closer working relationship with NATS, who are specialists in the management of air traffic. In fact, it should form partnerships with similar firms that offer airfield management processes and other airport operators across various geographical locations to understand their handling capabilities. Such activities ought to be centered in global Etihad Airways hubs for greater operational efficiency. An emphasis on the engineering aspects of these systems is vital because of its inherent ability to influence the proficiency of current technical personnel within the airline. It would be vital for the firm to increase its existing fleet by the addition of wider aircrafts that can handle more passengers per fleet. The airplanes would enhance the capacity of the business to transport more people and cargo to faraway destinations. Any boost in the numbers would positively contribute to the growth of the airline’s bottom line. Etihad Airways should use its close ties with public officials as the official UAE carrier to secure more flying routes, especially in developing countries. These regions are facing rapid population increment and infrastructural developments that would significantly shore the passenger and cargo numbers for the business. It would hasten the integration of the firm into the larger society and improve relations with a diverse group of people. Such an outcome would reinforce the airline’s commitment to diversity within its workforce and clientele. Adoption of these initiatives would lead to a more prosperous Etihad Airways.


















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