Analysis of Resident Garbage Collection

Analysis of Resident Garbage Collection





Analysis of Resident Garbage Collection


The garbage collection analysis will evaluate the characteristics of my residential neighbor. Trash is collected once a week, thus items recorded are of a week’s worth. Garbage in the past has been used to analyze factors or characteristics of households using measurement metrics such as weight and frequency. Similarly, I will employ the same mathematical values to develop a model that informs on the behavioral properties of my neighbor. Household characteristics are directly proportional to amounts of solid waste. Analysis of the refuse will give accurate behavioral and attitude depictions on my neighbor.

List of Items in the Garbage

Red Dustbin Blue Container White Bin
2 Debonair Pizza bags                         Soda Cans Fruit and vegetable remains
Automobile Catalogs Beer Bottles (2alcoholic, 1 non alcoholic) Egg shells
Cereal, Soda and Tissue boxes Aerosol Cans Cooked Food Waste
Female Products Broken Pieces of Melamine plates  
  Juice and Milk Packets  
  Car Battery  

Analysis of Waste

Number of Occupants

The household can be seen to have more than one gender suggesting that there must be at least two occupants in the house. The conclusion is derived from the diversity of products found. For instance, there were remains of female products suggesting presence of a woman. In addition, there was a masculine deodorant (aerosol) can indicating presence of a man. The difference in beer tastes equally suggests the presence of more than one person in the household. One was alcoholic while the other was non-alcoholic.

Socio-Economic Class

            The household can be depicted as a middle class family following a number of behavioral and statistical data. The factors used to associate the household with the middle class are the level of education, expenditure, food types, attitude variables, and environment perception.

Level of Education: The household can be said to be well educated, perhaps beyond college or university levels. The trash collected had an advanced automobile catalogues filled with engineering language. Moreover, the contents of the garbage are quite expensive suggesting an expensive lifestyle. In order to sustain such a self sufficient and lavish lifestyle, the occupants must have superior academic capabilities. The household neatly divides the contents of garbage into three colored bins. The environmental awareness and commitment to detail in the home concerning materials to be recycled and those to be disposed suggests high education levels.

Food Types: The garbage collected had remains of fruits and vegetables, cooked food waste and pizza boxes. The household is depicted as one that follows a strict healthy diet if the vegetable, fruit, and cooked food wastes are considered. Attitude is highlighted in the presence of pizza boxes that negate the healthy lifestyle. The fatty unhealthy meal shows an ignorant attitude that is mostly associated with the middle class. The societal group is well educated on the health risks that arise with poor eating habits, but still is the biggest class associated with fast foods and lifestyle diseases.

Expenditure: As stated earlier, the household has a self-sufficient capability. The trash collected has a high economic value. In meaning, the content of the trash are expensive. If the trash value is projected for over a year, then the household invests huge sums of money on food, beverages, and other human wants. Presence of the car battery, aerosol cans, beer bottles, and cereal boxes are indicators of money used to support wants more than needs. The expenditure equally highlights the attitude of the occupants as people heavily invested in appearance, entertainment, and self-satisfaction.

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