Application Software



Application Software




Application Software

An application software is a computer program aimed at perform a group of synchronized tasks that improve users’ productivity and supports the tasks. Application software are created to improve the user experience with tasks like creating documents and as such they are end user program.

Web browser

A web browser is a software application used to search, locate, retrieve, and display content on the World Wide Web or internet. It is the application that enables a user to search for content like information on web pages, images, videos, and other files on the internet. A web browser is a software application that contacts the web server with the keyed in instruction or web search specification and relays the information back to a computer or internet enabled device. Web browsers are mainly for personal computers or those that function on the mobile phone operating system (Jacobs & Walsh, 2004). Browsers are fully-functional software suites that can display all the hosted content on the web servers and are equipped with plug-ins that can be programmed to extend their capabilities from accessing and displaying information to playing videos and music. The most common web browsers are Microsoft internet explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Opera. Most people use the browsers for the most basic task which is accessing information and logging into social media site, accessing emails, listening and downloading music and movies. However, I use browsers to design web pages, videoconferencing, playing games online, uploading information, and creating other software applications that ease the accessibility of my computers capabilities.  I think that despite different browsers having different interfaces and capabilities, the web browser is the most important software application as it gives users access to the information on the web server. It is the core of the digital world as people cannot be digital without having access to uploading data and overall information sharing in the web space.

Media Player

Media player is a software program that plays multimedia files like videos, music and video. It is a software that gives a digital equivalent of the traditional players’ functions like, pause, play, forward and rewind. Most operating system have an inbuilt media player but there are companies that have created independent players that have better features. Media players are either audio or video players depending on the developers’ intended purpose with video equipped with features that allow playing of digital video while audio players focus on playing digital audio files (Collier, 2013). Most media players have additional features that allow a user to create playlists, arrange the media files and event enhance them by creating visualization. While most people use them to listen and watch music, videos and movies I use it to enhance the sound effects on track, discover lyrics of songs on occasion access online radio. I believe that the media player is a very crucial software application as it helps people listen and watch media files on their computers without necessarily having access to the internet.

Word Processor

Word Processor is a software application that enables the creation, editing, formatting, and printing of documents. It is the most common and earliest computer application as it aids in the creation, storage and duplication of documents (Seguin, 2013). The software application has evolved to include a variety of task that can combine text, images and graphics. It is a software suite that is comprised of one or more programs that can be used to create different types of documents. Microsoft Office Suite is the most common is comprised of several programs that create text, presentations and math documents that are very important in the corporate and education system. In addition to creating basic documents I use word processor to create fliers and pamphlets for by part time job as graphics designer. I think that word processors are a revolutionary applications that have made document creation and presentation easier and thus encouraging creativity.


Spreadsheet applications are computer programs that allow users to create and manipulate tables of values arrange in rows and columns. The application allows the manipulation of values in cells that can be used to represent different data. Spreadsheet let users add formulas that dictate the relationships between the different values and are used documents that require mathematics like accounting documents (Seguin, 2013). Spreadsheets are very handy when it comes to data entry, analyzing and calculating different what-if scenarios based on the values in the cells and the linking formula. I think that spreadsheets are important as they create documents that reduce the margin for era in financial and statistical documents.

Photo Editor or Graphics

Photo editing software is used to manipulate and enhance digital images and rages from application that can do basic functions like resizing the images to tools used by professional photographers. They have evolved to include the creation of images like animations and video editing. The software suites ate comprised of different programs that are used to edit different graphics like photos, drawings and videos (Collier, 2013). With advancements in technology the photo editing applications have increase especially do to social media and YouTube which require basic skills of photo editing to enhance pictures. I use photo editing software to edit my video, create animations and edit the pictures I post on social media site like Instagram and Facebook. While the applications are necessarily, the have increased the level of edited and unoriginal content on the internet.



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