Applied Science- Where Does It Fit

Applied Science- Where Does It Fit




Applied Science-Where Does It Fit

As an academic discipline, social science primarily revolves around individuals’ relationships comprised within a society. Thus, it constitutes the majority of the academic material within disciplines such as archaeology anthropology, history, jurisprudence, and linguistics. Contrary to social science, applied science has a wide scope as it focuses on applying scientific information in the development of inventions and technologies (Gouldner, 2010). In this sense, science is applied practically within the real world to understand the natural phenomenon. Within the scope of social science, applied science can be inculcated in various disciplines within this spectrum (Beale, 2017). In environmental studies, which is a discipline within social science, applied science can be applied in ensuring sustainability through forestry, arboriculture, silviculture which allows for proper management of tree plantation and forests as well as other as related naturally available resources (Gouldner, 2010). Other applied sciences that have made a similar contribution include agronomy, which caters to the production of plants and their utilization in the provision of reclamation of fuel, food, and fiber.

Within the community, applied science has assisted greatly with the rate in which globalization has been established (Beale, 2017). There is considerable increased demand for the growing technological advances in medicine, information, and business. Through these advances, connectedness has become achievable through the provision of the internet as a platform for communication and information sharing (Stewart, 2017). There has also been significant boosting of scientific institutions, and research companies as well as the government, which has benefited from information exchange and science cooperation. In the current setting, there is a need for expansion to be attained regarding ensuring that communities on the global scale also have access to technological advancement in a bid to better their living standards and socio-economic status.



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