Are we alone in the Universe?





Are we alone in the Universe?

For many individuals, life beyond Earth seems akin to a rather significant impossibility. Apart from the effect of influencers such as religion, upbringing, and cultural upbringings, a considerable part of education, especially in the sciences, also avoids touching on any issues regarding the possibility of existence outside the Earth’s atmosphere. Furthermore, whenever we speak or mention anything about the possibility of other life within the universe apart from the beings that exist on Earth, most people assume that such discussions are based on fictitious characters such as Superman, Men in Black, or the Green Lantern. Nonetheless, through advancements in technology, humankind has been capable of exploring space to confirm the exact nature and position of matters concerning the celestial beings that surround the respective planet.

Indeed, the focus on fictional things tends to be rampant in society. Over the years, people have continued to believe more in unwarranted and irrational subjects that cannot be supported via scientific means. Take, for example, the narratives that are presented in movies such as Men in Black, a large number of individuals are aware of the respective movie as well as the different sequences that follow the first release. From the film, the protagonists fight against a malevolent alien creature focused on the destruction of Earth and the entire universe. Despite the grave nature of the main story, the film is rather comical and largely portrays aliens as creatures that can easily integrate with human beings depending on their respective motives or incentives. In the end, the protagonists manage to save the Earth and the universe by destroying the alien.

The respective film is an example of the extent to which ignorance regarding the presence of other life outside the Earth has become considerably accepted within society. If one were to assert the existence of aliens from a scientific and research-based perspective, then he or she would be ignored or be deemed sacrilegious due to the notions that human beings and the living organisms that live on Earth are the only ones capable of existing. Hence, asserting the possibility of other life apart from the planet in question is wrong and malicious. Nonetheless, ruling out the potential nature of this assumption is irrational and unreasonable considering the scientific evidence that seems to support it. Recently, the space exploration agency, NASA, asserted that the existence of life in other planets is highly possible. In an article, the rover that NASA sent to Mars managed to discover the presence of ancient organic chemical elements, specifically Methane, on the planet.

The discovery of Methane on the planet Mars clearly illustrated the potential nature of new existence of life outside Earth. From a scientific standpoint, NASA discovered that the element, Methane, was a crucial factor in perpetuating this statement due to the role that it assumes in denoting the presence of existing plants, animals, or bacteria in the respective planet. Regardless of this information, focus is still predisposed towards non-realistic things, which openly criticize the efforts that explorers have made in the 21st century regarding the possibility of new life outside the Earth’s atmosphere. While the fictional environment enables people to reveal their creativity to the world, it also hinders people from separating what is unsubstantiated from what is confirmed. Rather than consider the existence of other life in the vast universe, people are more likely to remain enclosed in their minds by believing unreasonable programs aimed at entertainment instead of providing the truth.

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