Assessment Practices for Self-Directed Learning in Language Arts

Assessment Practices for Self-Directed Learning in Language Arts


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Assessment Practices for Self-Directed Learning in Language Arts

It is important that the students learn how to evaluate their own understanding of the lessons they have participate in. Therefore, it is the duty of the instructor to ensure that they instill this crucial skill in their students. One of the ways that the instructor can achieve this is by having the students ask themselves what they have learned or to answer some questions that follow the material.

The instructor should inform the student that the aim of the lesson is to learn the art of self-evaluation. He should then inform the student what it involves to carry out the activity as well as the procedure during the lesson (Carless, Salter, Yang & Lam, 2011). Moreover, during the lesson the instructor should ask at random what the student has understood from the materials that they have covered so far. Finally, the tutor should assign the student a reading in which they will carry out a self-assessment and submit the results they had.

The best tool that student can use to ensure they master the skills of self-evaluation is to ask themselves questions. The questions will help the student to explore their nature of reading and their comprehension of the material (Afflerbach, 2011). By practicing with several readings, the student will have mastered the skill. Therefore, the fastest and the best way to instill this skill in students is to make them read and then ask themselves questions that will assess their comprehension.

In conclusion, I chose this method because it is easy to understand and to apply. The students only need to be taken through one or two examples of how self-evaluation is carried out before they can comprehend it. Finally, I have used the technique in the past and I have found it quite effective.



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