Assignment Synopsis

Assignment Synopsis




Bibliography:  Cunningham, Case, Patrick Donahoe, Mike Jernigan, and Michael Riggins. “Sustaining the “New Norm” of Jointness.” Joint Forces Quarterly, no. 81 (2nd Quarter 2016): 43-47. (accessed 5 December 2016).

Thesis:   Cunningham, Donahoe, Jernigan, and Riggins, based on warfare experiences in Afghanistan, argue that with the significance of joint collaboration in combat operations, it would be more beneficial to ensure that junior military officers are provided with sufficient joint experience, educational, and instructional opportunities in advance within their particular careers. In addition, Cunningham and Donahoe argue that the provision of joint experience to the officers will aid in amplifying this cooperation advantage and augment the warfare effectiveness of the collaborative force.

Proposed Threaded Discussion Question:  In the article, “Sustaining the “New Norm” of ‘Jointness,” Cunningham et al. utilize the mission statements of various military-based educational facilities to illustrate the Service’s disinclination towards the incorporation of joint cooperation in combat operations in the institutions’ mandate. In this respect, choose one of the mentioned institution’s examples, provide a description of it, and explain whether the aspect of joint cooperation is absent. If you are in agreement with the authors’ argument, expound more on their claims (provide a bigger picture) and formulate a proposition that would ensure the integration of joint collaboration in these institutions. If you do not agree, simply provide an explanation for your opposition.

This question relates to joint issues or emerging concepts in the following ways:

  • The formal courses that junior officers or company-grade officers are introduced to, usually concentrate on Service capabilities such as opening aptitudes or skills of the respective position.
  • Every Service involved in combat operations provides a unique asset that can be utilized in averting the negative implications associated with enemy assaults such as the loss of lives.
  • Primary education organizations for every Service are not inclined considerably towards the emphasis imposed on joint cooperation and experience by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction on Officer Professional Military Education.

A discussion based on the proposed question would likely explore the following sub-topics:

  • Discussion of the relationship between the Primary education organizations for Services and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction on Officer Professional Military Education.
  • Discussion on factors that limit embrace of joint cooperation education.
  • Discussion on the conventional nature of introductory military education, in respect to company-grade or junior officers.

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