Biodiversity and Sustainability

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Biodiversity and Sustainability

Living in a habitat that is continually losing its ecological diversity makes it imperative to search for mechanisms that can preserve the remaining flora and fauna. As a result, environmentalists have coined the concept of sustainability to refer to a deliberate interventional process aimed at conserving the existing environment to ensure it is capable of providing humans with both present and future needs (Liu 1413). In so doing, they agitate for a system that promotes equitable use by all the concerned stakeholders. For instance, South African authorities utilize a community-based management system to manage the country’s threatened biomes. Such a system ensures that locals do not feel disenfranchised. Furthermore, using the context of South Africa, sustainability is found to possess two significant meanings of a stakeholder-managed process, and an adaptive participatory union.

Primarily, sustainability is a stakeholder-driven process that ensures every member of the society has optimum use of the available resources. In South Africa, the key stakeholders in the conservation conundrum are the ordinary people, the central government, and the private park owners. Tourists are also persons of interest, although their direct participative role in the exercise is limited. Those with the greatest responsibility are the ordinary citizens whose ancestral land is cordoned for game reserves. As a result, the national government includes them in all stewardship programs to ensure that they do not feel excluded. It also makes sure that they are adequately compensated to avoid the possibility of their resistance to good initiatives such as the protection of medicinal plant species.

Sustainability is also an adaptive environment management system that encourages inclusiveness through cooperation and participation. For example, South Africa’s co-management system supports input from native communities, the government, and the sole business proprietors. Through this structure, the country takes care of the interests of every interested party. Moreover, it enables everyone to learn from the outcomes of applied initiatives. In brief, it is evident that sustainability is a conservation undertaking dependent on the harmonious relationship of all the concerned stakeholders.

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