Business Information Technology Strategies and Internet Job Rights

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Business Information Technology Strategies and Internet Job Rights

Part 1

The Coca-Cola Company is one of the most established multinational corporations with worldwide business interests. Even though the company is involved in the beverage industry, one of the most competitive sectors in the food industry, it has managed to fend off competition by adopting unique marketing strategies that mainly make use of Information Technology (IT). Primarily, every year the company spends millions of money on digital marketing. For instance, on January 19, 2016, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) announced the launch of a digitalized “One Brand” global marketing strategy that aimed at making use of the following IT tactics: ten television commercials, over one hundred campaign images, new visual identity system, new music anthem, and sharable and interactive digital experience (Coca-Cola January 19, 2016). The above five marketing strategies suit the company’s large global market that can only be covered by use efficient interactive technologies.

Part 2

Scenario 1

            In the case of an employee using office internet for recreational surfing, I agree with Mark Grossman that an employer has the right to sack such an employee even without issuing an earlier warning. However, this should always not be the case, especially where the latter feels his or her privacy has been violated. To avoid causing such a problem, ethical values demand that proper communication should take place between the employer and the employee to determine what is to be monitored and why (Yerby 46).

Scenario 2

I also agree with Grossman that office owners do not necessarily need an internet policy to sue employees who misuse internet at the workplace. Morally, the former are entitled to rein in on the latter to ensure that they give maximum production in the increasingly competitive world. However, to avoid bridging privacy standards of the employees, the employers should generate an internet policy that enlists all the forbidden practices.

Scenario 3

Lastly, I also concur with Grossman that Jane Smith is legally entitled to sue the alluded company for sexual defamation. Companies should act responsibly by always ensuring that every material or immaterial facilities they give their employees are used diligently. Hence, every organization should be ready to take responsibility in case any of its facilities gets misused, particularly because it has failed to enact measures meant to prevent such a possibility.

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