Business Law





Business Law

Question 1

I feel that I can succeed best in the class on Fundamentals of Business Law and Business by researching on case laws, public litigation and other official types of law. If I can combine this with taking all the classes, I can pass this class.

Question 2

  • The law acts to provide order by restricting the locations where an individual can start a business. Such laws are developed by residential homeowners to regulate the activity of the tenants and instill high levels of order and security.
  • Laws that limit picketing areas serve to guarantee personal freedoms. Students are able to protest in several areas without being oppressed or denied any of their privileges.
  • Laws that allow people with gun permits to carry them in public create a sense of order as well as providing security. With permits, everyone can know gun handlers and police can avoid unnecessary arrests.
  • Racial discrimination laws help in promoting social justice. Different ethnic groups and races can enjoy the same level of benefits in employment and other privileges.

Question 3

  • Statutory law, since it was developed by a government ministry. Work hours regulations affect the level of sales, as well as the employee satisfaction levels.
  • Administrative law, since it was developed by Ohio State. The law would regulate the age brackets of the employees in Ohio companies and businesses.
  • Statutory law, since it originates from a governor and applies to only one state. It regulates the economic arena in Ohio State making it very easy to conduct any business.
  • Executive action, since it involved trade among international countries. A business in Ohio would not require complying with such a policy.

Question 4

Precedents are rules established in earlier cases and used as reference points in future ones. In future cases involving the closure of a bar, the Montgomery judge will have to refer to the earlier rulings on the same issue to make a decision. He or she would have to use earlier closure cases to make present judgments. Businesses are guided by such rulings as they formulate their own policies on security and operations.

Question 5

  • Applying the law without double standards is an appropriate principle since opposite-sex marriages are also acknowledged in Ohio. Therefore, same-sex marriages cannot be ignored.
  • Professionalism and objectivity should be adopted since a judge cannot introduce personal feelings in the execution of justice.
  • Hierarchy of authority and jurisdiction should be observed. Prosecutors often lack the authority to make decisions concerning the immigration laws.

Question 6

Social responsibility has many advantages for businesses. It augments the public image of the company, and this can translate into increased sales volumes. Social responsibility also improves the working environment and this lowers the operating costs for businesses. Within my community, I have witnessed Kentucky Fried Chicken engage in several community cleaning programs. These cleaning programs have resulted in a good reputation for the company, as well as a healthier working environment.

Question 7

  • Primary stakeholder is the top sales representative. The important value is transparency. The right ethical choice would be decided using the company laws to guide the decision. Company laws have the solution for drug-dependent employees.
  • Primary stakeholders are the employees. The significant value is employee satisfaction. The ethical choice would be guided by the need to maintain high employee satisfaction by introducing a wellness program.

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