The location decision was an important business decision for Stengard and Piel as it was fundamental to the success of their business. Before making the decision to move to a new location, the entrepreneurs needed to consider the needs of their company, its clients, employees, materials, and equipment that would be required to successfully complete it services (Salvaneschi, 2002). Stengard and Piel had to ensure that their business had enough space for all the equipment that it required in producing its products and services. At the same time, they needed to ensure that the new location would be convenient to their customers by making sure that it could be accessed easily and extend a feeling of safety and security to their clients upon their arrival and exit from the facility. Therefore, moving to the new location was a critical decision for the two entrepreneurs as it offered tax breaks, better financial assistance, and the availability of an affordable workforce.

Recognizing that their new location was within an enterprise zone was fundamental in determining the types or permits and zoning ordinances that the company needed to take into consideration before deciding to relocate. By moving to an enterprise zone, their company was set to receive both tax and regulatory relief (Entrepreneur, 2012). The zoning ordinances that need to be considered include the emissions, location, and size of the new location.

The internet would provide a fundamental avenue through which the company would be able to expand its business even further. At the very least, they need to set up a website that provides an extensive description of their company and the products it has to offer (Jones, 2014). While the nature of their products is set to limit its number of internet-based transactions, it would play an important role in advertising the company products and communicating with its clients.




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