Career Journal Course Project





Career Journal Course Project

Career Entry 5: Product Development

MagicSeaweed is interested in finding a sales account executive. The company had recently opened a new United States office in Irvine, California and consequently, the position of a sales account executive. In general, the company expects the new employee to surpass monthly and annual sales predictions (Warren and Gibson 13). The job position demands two years or more of initial experience in the United States surf industry particularly in the media sales sector. Apart from the experience, candidates need to show proficiency in fostering relationships with new clients. Potential candidates for the MagicSeaweed position need to have outstanding communication abilities with established ability to extend and finish new business. Apart from academic skills, the potential candidate should have individual abilities to survive in challenging and rapidly changing environments. Approximately, 1.5 million surfers globally use MagicSeaweed before access the beaches. MagicSeaweed is therefore an excellent weather prediction tool as well as a guide for travelers. This company is leading global surf forecast and editorial institution that boasts of approximately 2 million monthly subscribers.















Career Entry 6- Sourcing and HauteLook is seeking an electronic-commerce merchandising manager. The candidate selected for this position is tasked with collaborating with merchandising leadership in the development and subsequent execution of product strategy, enhancing demand, and improving on efficiency of content and inventory. The entity provides employees with an opportunity to work in a vibrant, casual, and collaborative work setting in Downtown Los Angeles, California. In addition, the party is responsible for developing demand and customer acquisition goals and objectives for Beauty, Home, and Accessories segments through optimization of corporate marketing and customer insight initiatives. Furthermore, the role also involves collaborating with the different functions of the organsiation to educate and influence the purchasing teams on avenues for maximization of opportunities inherent in the online business.

The successful execution of the responsibilities outlined for this position is hinged on the utilization of tools, data, and inventory information to make appropriate decisions and execute deliverables as well as influence results in line with the entity’s event calendar. Moreover, the preferred candidate is expected to provide expertise and disseminate their respective knowledge of the vast electronic commerce landscape such as competitor presence, online trends, and growth opportunities for the online business. The successful applicant is tasked with working in a cross-functional capacity to implement new strategies, ideas and leverage the company’s platform and relationships with suppliers.

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Career Entry 7- Retail

Gucci Costa Mesa has an open position for a RTW and Shoes Department Manager. The ideal candidate is tasked with management of a department within the executive Gucci Costa Mesa boutique in California, United States. In addition, the individual is tasked with providing assistance to the management in regard to leading and directing different activities deemed as necessary for the achievement of goals and objectives of the business. This includes demand generation, customer segmentation, enhancing customer satisfaction, management of human resources, operations, prevention of losses and sustaining the core values of the Gucci brand. The successful applicant will be a representative of the Gucci brand and will be tasked with promotion of values and philosophy of the Gucci brand. The responsibilities of this position are divided into three main areas client development, business leadership, talent management, and sustaining efficient and optimal operations.


Career Entry 8- Auxiliary

H&M has an open position for a visual merchandiser in Fashion Place, Utah. The preferable candidate should be able to wok under intense pressure and strive to achieve perfection and excellence. The party is responsible for a variety of tasks such as styling of the product offerings in line with H&M guidelines and working with management teams to maximize sales and customer satisfaction. In addition, the successful applicant is tasked with coaching sales advisors on effective strategies for identification and instruction of potential talent. In addition, the party is tasked with assisting the stores in making a strong impression on the consumers by delivering exceptional service and diverse product offerings. Furthermore, the preferable candidate is tasked with delivering garments in line with H&M guidelines to maximize sales, with assistance and support from management teams and the store manager. The role emphasizes the delivery of excellent customer service by ensuring efficient indirect and direct customer service in line with H&M standards and achieving the 5 basic demands of selling, fitting and cash points.


Summary of Career Positions

From this research, it is clear that I am in the right vocation and field. Some of the career options I find interesting include advertising and procurement. These two careers are related as both demand the promotion of certain products and services. Most of the competing companies have a similar opening in the sales department. To reach this objective, I have the plan to employ an acceptable number of part-time interns in the department (Sotomayor and Barbieri 42). This team of able individuals will cover the workload for the complete financial year. Another strategy that will make the company achieve its objectives is networking with other small and medium enterprises that offer complimentary product and services. In this way, MagicSeaweed can acquire many more products from its suppliers and can therefore grow at a faster pace.


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